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Dental Implants in Portland Oregon

When you are missing teeth for any reason, your mouth goes through some major changes. It does not matter why you lose your teeth; the consequences are detrimental, leaving you with shifting teeth, sagging skin and abandoned jawbone. Luckily with today's technology there is a simple way to rectify the problem - dental implants. At Blue Sky Dental, we are the experts in dental implants, the only way to replace missing teeth and reduce the risk of bone loss. Doesn't it sound great to have replacement teeth that not only look, but also like your own teeth? That is what you get when you visit us for dental implants.

Several Appointments

The dental implant process is completed in multiple steps. Initially, we will need to evaluate your ability to accept dental implants as not everyone is a perfect candidate. If you have advanced gum disease or little to no jawbone, you will need to undergo a bone grafting procedure prior to obtaining dental implants. This is only to help ensure that the entire process is successful as insufficient jawbone could cause implants to be ineffective. Once we are satisfied that your mouth is ready to accept the implants, the next portion of the procedure can begin.

Implanting the Screws

The next step in the process is implanting the titanium screws into your jawbone. These screws are made from titanium as this is a material that naturally fuses with your existing jawbone. This means that your porcelain crown will have a root, just like the natural teeth in your mouth. The implantation process is done under anesthesia. Once you are comfortable and ready, we open up your gums to gain access to the jawbone where we implant the screws. After closing you back up, your mouth is given several months to heal, although we do remove the stitches within 14 days of the procedure.

Placing the Artificial Tooth

The last step in the process, once your mouth has healed, is placing the porcelain crown on your implant. First, we must place a post on which the crown will reside. Once the post is in place, the permanent crown is glued into your mouth. What you are left with is a very realistic looking artificial tooth that is the same color and shape of your surrounding teeth. This tooth can help you chew, talk, and smile with ease. No one will know that you have an artificial tooth or even an entire arch of artificial teeth!

Dental implants are the most innovative way to help our patients keep their natural look and have the ability to talk and chew without embarrassment. Although we provide our alternatives for missing teeth, dental implants provide the most successful way to keep your mouth healthy and happy.

If you have any questions about dental implants and how they work, please feel free to give us a call! Our experts are ready to answer your questions as well as evaluate your likelihood of being a good candidate for dental implants. Call us at 503-345-9693 today!
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